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This page lists software published under the GNU-GPL.

Active Projects(Edit)


Coinorama is a monitoring framework for Bitcoin markets, network and blockchain.
It features data collection tools, database for timeseries and a web frontend.
Last update: Jan-2016


Kroket is an interactive graph visualization software.
It features various functionalities designed to help the exploration of large graphs: grouping, collapsing, filtering, etc.
Last update: 03-Dec-2010


Maniac is an automatic program variant comparator and validator.
From an XML description of the program, it generates a C program that automatically checks input/output data, times execution, etc.
Last update: 20-Feb-2011

GIMP Formulas Plugin(Edit)

The GIMP Formulas Plugin allows you to change the values of each color channel of each pixel of a layer by using mathematical expressions.
It is compatible with RGB* and Gray* layers.
Last update: 14-Nov-2010

Old Projects(Edit)


Giraffe is a simple logic circuit simulator.
It can load, save, and import circuits and simulate them with chronograms.
Last update: 03-Jun-2006


MMSRIP is a client for the proprietary protocol MMS://.
It saves the content being streamed to a file.
Last update: 28-Jan-2006


SFT (Simple File Transfer) is a file transfer program, a bit like rcp.
It implements a simple server-client protocol.
Last update: 28-Mar-2004


Jof is a low-key sound creation tool.
It generates an audio wave which is passed through a customizable processing chain.
Last update: Mar-2011

Various Patches(Edit)

Those patches have been developed for external projects, but not included in the mainline.

Audacious - Spectrum Visualization Improvement(Edit)

This patch improves the spectrum visualization plugin of Audacious.
The size of the display has been increased and the drawing loop code improved.

XFCE4 - Maximized Windows Without Title Bar(Edit)

This patch removes the title bar of maximized windows under XFCE 4, it must be applied to xfwm4.
Therefore, maximized windows appear fullscreen.

Pidgin-Libnotify - Email Notification(Edit)

This patch enables email notifications in the Pidgin-Libnotify plugin.
When a new email arrives, a notification pops up the same way it does for conversations and contact infos.