Nicolas BENOIT - SFT


SFT is a program, which allows you to transfer files from computer to computer through the Internet.
The program is divided into 2 parts, on the one hand the server, and on the other hand the client.
For the server mode (files receiver), SFT must be started with the -s option.
For the client mode (files sender), SFT must be started with the -c option followed by the hostname (or IP) and the files the program has to send.

Last update: 28-Mar-2004



A few options are available:

  • For the server:
    • -k keeps the server running after sessions.
    • -d +path allows you to choose the reception directory.
    • -l +number is usefull if you want to limit the number of incoming bytes.
  • For the client:
    • -d +path allows you to choose the program's working directory.